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"We thought that if we didn't look at our bank account on a daily basis, we would be surprised when we did. We were surprised alright!"

Is Your Company Overleveraged?

Don't bet the farm on one hand.

For some companies in today's competitive environment, the stakes have been raised and corporations must operate at higher levels with less of a profit margin. Unlike the good old days when a corporation was making a decent profit to operate its business, today's corporations have had to tighten their belts and survive on the slightest of margins. The problem with this approach is that one bad business decision can easily put a corporation out of business.

Many corporations today are making vital survival decisions by banking on money that they hope to make in the future. These highly risky bets may or may not pay off. If they bet the farm and it works, they appear to be the savior. If they bet and lose, however, the company severely suffers the effects of the loss. Countless formerly prominent corporations are not in business today because they wagered and lost.

Our primary goal when working with corporations is to ensure that they have the foresight to prevent some of these unbalanced financial cycles. Having a constant flow of new products in the pipeline will ensure that your company is not betting it all on one hand.

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