Client Stories

A few companies who have worked with us share some thoughts about their experiences.

Every corporation we work with has a compelling story to tell of how it overcame serious challenges to become or remain competitive in the marketplace - whether it was finding new innovations, preserving a product line, dominating competitors, gaining shelf space, expansion of products to capture more market share, or introducing a groundbreaking new product. At Davison International, we are proud to have played a part in the success stories of so many corporate clients, and we look forward to sharing more exciting stories as they continue to unfold.

Calego International, Inc.
The story of applying blue ocean strategy to product development.

John Bull Garage®
The story of building automotive-themed products for car guys by car guys.

The story of how overseas knockoffs are destroying a hundred-year-old brand.

Danco™ Perfect Match
The story of how a company wants to dominate more shelf space in the mass-retail market.

The story of how the parent company wanted massive expansion of new products to capture more market share.

The story of how America's most innovative household products company wants to remain #1.

Smart Parts, Inc.
The story of an innovation that expanded Smart Parts, Inc.'s product-line.

Whiteside Manufacturing Company
The story of how Davison continues to innovate Whiteside's product-line.

The BikeBoard Company
The story of how a company wants to update traditional scooters and bring them to market.