What Are Your Goals?

Looking back on it now, I wish I would have...

Goal setting is nothing new. Countless organizations and forums are willing to provide you with all of the tools you think you need to succeed in goal achievement. Setting goals can be traced back to one's youth -- from saving enough money for your first bicycle all the way up to your goals for retirement. As humans, we tend to shoot for things in life as a way to experience accomplishment and fulfillment. In one form or another, most people have set some type of goal in their lifetime.

While setting goals is common, achieving them is sporadic at best. In its most basic form a goal is defined as the end toward which effort is directed. Where most corporations come up short is that they fail to fully execute the process to achieve their goals.

Whether you're a small, midsize, or large corporation, identifying goals is crucial in achieving them. The classic mistake most corporations make is that they are not sure how to monitor their goals. They understand that they are not achieving their goals, but are not sure why.

Below is a brief list of factors that may impede a corporation's ability to achieve its goals:

  • Unrealistic/unachievable
  • Not funded
  • Does not have company-wide support
  • Insufficient staffing
  • Parameters of the goals change
  • Undefined budget
  • Miscalculated timeline
  • Priorities change
  • Social-economic timeline (uncontrollable setbacks)
  • Changes in legislation
  • Poorly laid out game plan
  • Backup plan not in place
  • Inexperience in carrying out a game plan
  • Wrong people in charge of the goal

The constant introduction of new products to increase revenue and gain market share is where most companies rise to the top in their industry. If a company does not execute its product development goals, it is unlikely that this corporation will continue to succeed.

To ensure that your organization not only sets the proper product development goals, but also fully executes them, contact Davison International.