The "C" Word

Are you teaching your staff about change?

Corporations have come to realize that the same amount of effort should be put into selling a change to their staff as they have devoted to the change itself. Whether the fears are warranted or not, a corporation's staff has the ability to disrupt or even prevent the change from being implemented. The employees that fear change normally cannot see past the negative impacts to their daily responsibilities to consider the change openly.

Since many of the strategies that lead to change take place between management people behind closed doors, the rest of the company may not be privvy to all the benefits the change may offer. It's for this reason that corporations should have in place (or create) a change task force to help sell the benefits to the rest of the staff. By having this team of people commissioned to help introduce the change, it will help each employee understand the reasons for the change and hopefully empower then to become ambassadors of the changes themselves.

Below is a brief list of how these changes can be presented to the rest of your staff:

  • The increased efficiency will help the company preserve jobs for its employees.
  • The change will help the company's bottom line, which will lead to wage incentives and increases.
  • It will keep employees from working harder than they have to.
  • It will help the corporation keep pace with the competition in its industry.

Aside from the new product ideas we will work on together, Davison International will help your organization to identify how change is received and how well it is implemented. We will focus on your corporation's current product-line and identify if growing it or expanding into other areas may be in the corporation's best interest.

The important thing to understand is that if the corporation is having average success and nothing is being done about it, this may lead to drastic decisions and turns in the company's future success.

By contacting us to meet with our team, you will be able to identify key areas that you may have overlooked. Change is the fuel that drives success!