"Davison allows budget conscious companies to be much less reluctant in bringing a fully packaged working prototype to their customers before committing an item to tooling and production. Davison also enables the client to be more willing to experiment and do more items at a time. This works very well for us."
Ken Laga
The Lehigh Group
"You are a product of your environment! Davison's invention environment has to be considered state-of-the-art, perhaps the best in the world! Hollywood would drool over their creative workspace. Davison is unique, creative, and thinks out-of-the-box."
Kirt Whiteside
Whiteside Manufacturing Company
"Because Davison works in many industries, their development in various other products brings fresh new ideas that can be crossovers to the toy industry."
Carole Piccirillo
Toy Vault, Inc
"As a sourcing company, our partnership with Davison has been invaluable. The relationship has given us the ability to offer not only cost solutions, but also new product development, which most companies are starving for in the present retail environment. Without having this as a service we can offer, we become just another sourcing company that has to compete solely on price."
Jim Norris Jr.
One World Sourcing
"Davison does its homework at every level. I can't begin to tell you how comforting that is to Jokari. To receive a Davison virtual drawing or prototype model is like Christmas morning.... The whole process is one of confidence."
James A. Smith
"Being able to show buyers a broad portfolio of products not only reflects positively on the capabilities of our company, but also increases the likelihood that one or more of the items will make it onto the shelf."

Geoff Tolsdorf
Schroeder & Tremayne