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"Davison's inventegration process worked for us. It has produced one of the top-selling products in our line."
—William Gardner
President, Smart Parts, Inc.


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Smart Parts, Inc.

The story of an innovation that expanded Smart Parts, Inc.'s product-line.

Navigating the heavy brush, you take coverage behind a tree's thick trunk. You're covered in camouflage, you've got your war paint smeared across your face, your hopper is full and your paintball gun is ready to fire. So, why did you just get lit by your opponents?

Your goggles made you an easy target.

Veteran paintball player, Davison Design and Development CEO and President G.M. Davison sought to remedy this problem with his Goggleflauge™. Taking into account his 15 years of paintball experience, along with skills developed while playing on the All-American Paintball Team, he found that the most heavily targeted areas were the head and goggles.

"While players can wear camoflauge," Davison explains, "the one thing that always stuck out was the goggles."

Staying one step ahead in a competitive fast-growing industry like paintball is tough. But providing the best products and innovating new ones keeps the rest at bay.

Developed for Smart Parts, this simple device was camouflage joined with neoprene, cut in a pattern to fit around paintball goggles. The Goggleflauge was wide enough to cover the entire face with fray to match forest foliage.

It was an easy to manufacture, low-waste product. In fact, the Davison design was an environmentally sound project. The holes cut for the eyes, could be used to provide cover for the ears, cutting down on waste and offering incentive to potential buyers. In addition, its low cost offers manufacturers a better profit margin.

Davison's relationship with the Latrobe, Pa.-based company goes far beyond the Goggleflauge. While Davison personally played on their world famous team, Davison Design and Development has accompanied them to major trade shows to help launch new products.

"Over the years, we have done prototyping, marketing, graphics and trademark development."

Today, Davison still makes product samples and prototypes for Smart Parts' line of paintball guns.