What You Need

Wants alone won't get you there. You have to identify your needs.

Corporations are quick to read off what their wants are, but few of them can identify what they need in order to accomplish these wants. Corporations will continuously fail and run the risk of ultimately going out of business. In the simplest of terms, wants are like goals and needs are the road maps to achieving them. Unless a company can identify and fulfill its needs, the chances of achieving its wants will be challenging.

After working with corporations and identifying their wants, we uncovered several common needs that a corporation should target in order to set itself on a correct path. Below are a few examples of what we've heard:

We Need:

  • Capital
  • An identity/brand
  • A product or service that the public wants/needs
  • A constant flow of new and innovative products
  • To employ quality people
  • R&D into exploration of new markets
  • To be willing to change with the times
  • To increase channels/avenues to move our product or service into
  • A game plan/road map

Once we have been able to uncover the areas that need attention, it is easier for the corporations we work with to identify where they need assistance. Knowing where you are and where you're trying to take your corporation is the first step on the path to creating a product-line with depth and longevity.

By setting up a timeline for identifying and overcoming needs to achieve goals, a corporation can work systematically towards capturing more market share.

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