How to Benefit from Working with Us

Hiring an outside firm is supposed to take problems off of your shoulders... not create more of them.

From the many relationships we have established, corporations have found it easy to give us praises, as we work with them to develop new products for their line.

Below are a few of the benefits of working with us:

  • Davison International helps you present more new products to your customers.
  • Davison International provides you with prototypes you can present without tooling up.
  • Davison International's services encompass all facets of product design, including packaging layout.
  • Davison International communicates directly with your sourcing agents or manufacturers to provide them with the support they need.
  • Davison International works hand in hand with manufacturers to revise samples, drawings, and first shot products before official rollouts.
  • Davison International makes necessary revisions to product samples once they are shown to buyers.
  • Davison International prices out the product through additional sources to verify current vendors corporations have.
  • Davison International presents you with products in categories you may have never considered.
  • Davison International delivers fresh out-of-the-box thinking.
  • At Davison International, there are no internal politics playing havoc with which products rise to the top.

By contacting us, your corporation will be able to spark its world of innovation.